Our Autumn Dance Card

Frank Burns // Oct. 21, 2011

Conference organizers today have an opportunity to harness the flood of social media activity before, during, and after their event. FeedMagnet has recently been put to work to aggregate, curate, and visualize social content for several high-profile business gatherings.

The result for show organizers and attendees is more - more mentions of the show and the keynote speakers, more conversations among partners and prospects, and more evidence for stakeholders that the event was a success. Here's a few of the rooms we were honored to add our magic to:

JiveWorld 2011 in Las Vegas


AOL at Advertising Week in New York


VMWorld in Las Vegas and Copenhagen


Additionally, we've recently been behind social media displays at NI Week in Austin, Oracle Open World in San Francisco, Aveda Congress in Minneapolis and International Supercomputing conferences in Hamburg and Mannheim! Event organizers are realizing the value of amplifying social buzz using technology and visualization. Contact FeedMagnet for a custom solution that will enhance your next event, and we'll see you at the next show.