Great B2B Social Media Marketing Campaign Examples

Jason Ford // Nov. 30, 2012

Social media marketing was embraced early on by B2C marketers, but B2B marketing has been a little slower to adopt. At first it was concerns of relevance - marketers thinking social media was all just personal conversations and people talking about consumer products. Thankfully, most B2B marketers have now realized that their audience is using social media as well – and many of them have fantastic B2B social marketing programs.

We thought we'd highlight a few of our B2B marketing customers and show how they're using FeedMagnet and social curation in innovative ways:

GE Using Instagram for B2B Marketing

GE "Experts"

GE is one of the best B2B social media marketing organizations around. They continue to experiment and generally turn out great content that people would want to share. I just shared their time lapse YouTube video of the "Juice Train" this morning - because it was awesome.

The GE home page features Instagram photos like the one to the right, Tumblr posts, and other corporate social posts to encourage people to follow them on those social platforms.

They also include social posts from employees - the scientists, engineers, and strategists behind GE - along with educators, industry leaders, and influencers. Right on the home page:

B2B Social Media for Marketing on GE Home Page

You can click from the home page to follow an individual or dive in to the full GE Experts page, which lets you browse the social posts from employees across the various industries GE operates in. This unique - and remarkably transparent - approach taps into the great social content already out there, being created by employees every day. It shows off the talent, creativity, and personality of the GE team - helping to humanize the brand and connect:

B2B Marketing Social Media Hub for GE

Dow Solutionism

Dow Chemical includes social conversation throughout the Solutionism section of their website - which highlights industries where Dow has played a key role in technology that makes the world a better place. These Solutionism pages - on topics ranging from gluten replacement to green roofs - serve as the landing pages for many of their online and offline ad campaigns.

B2B Social Media Marketing Campaign Landing Pages for Dow

In addition to information and mini-documentaries produced by Dow, the Solutionism pages feature curated social content from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, RSS, and other sources. Dow curates the social feeds for each industry by pulling in content from thought leaders, blogs, digital publications, and individuals. These social conversation sections add a real-life and real-time perspective to this B2B marketing program.

B2B Conference and Trade Show Events

Social media marketing at trade shows and events can help B2B brands to connect with industry partners and prospects. It's fun to pull out your phone or tablet, push out an Instragram photo or Tweet, and then see it on the big screen. It helps that these screens are sometimes really really big.

B2B Social Event Screens at Conferences and Trade Shows

And B2B events and conferences can really benefit from FeedMagnet's Branded Social Hub approach as the centerpiece of event social marketing. Once you have the content aggregated and curated for display on screens, it can and should be showcased online, on Facebook tabs, and on mobile devices via strategically placed QR codes. WOMMA Summit recently used this approach to drive engagement before, during, and after the event.

B2B event social hub on mobile, Facebook tab, microsite, and event screens

The Branded Social Hub

The heart of any B2B social media marketing campaign should be a Branded Social Hub. Learn more about this strategic approach to B2B social marketing in our white paper below:

Brand Social Hub white paper

Learn More in this White Paper

The Branded Social Hub Approach

Creating Optimizable Engaging Campaigns

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