Pinterest for Brands: Now Available

Jason Ford // Oct. 10, 2012

Pinterest has become one of the most-requested social sources from the marketers and brands we work with. Up till now we have been unable to work with Pinterest content since there is no public API.

That all just changed.

Starting today, FeedMagnet can pull in the public activity streams of Pinterest users and specific pinboards. What makes this great for brands is the aggregation and curation layer that FeedMagnet provides on top of social channels.

Brands can now pull in pins across a variety of users and pinboards, and then run them through a second layer of curation to filter, moderation, and organize the content before displaying it back to customers. The pins can also be mixed in with other social feeds to tell a more robust story.

Here's how it works:

Pinterest for Brands

Pins & Branded Social Hub

We're big believers in the branded social hub here at FeedMagnet. Pinterest is just one channel in today's fragmented social ecosystem – and the human, user-generated, real-time content scattered across these channels can be incredibly persuasive in telling the story of a brand. The trick is pull it all in and then separate the signal from noise to present just the right content in a branded experience.

FeedMagnet does exactly that, enabling brands to engage customers using social content online, on Facebook tabs, on mobile devices, and on physical screens. And now with Pinterest support, that just got even more powerful.

Once the full Pinterest API goes public, you can expect us to add more advanced features to integrate with this growing social channel. Until then, we look forward to seeing what our customers and brand marketers build using this new FeedMagnet integration with Pinterest.